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Chloe K Boggs, Soprano 

In my experience as a pedagogue, I firmly adhere to the notion that each student is an individual and requires a unique application and balance to their technical, musical, and personal goals. I must encourage all my students to celebrate and grow at a pace that is best and complete within themselves and their style(s) of learning. Singing is biological, natural, and stimulating! One of the gifts I bring to teaching is my ability to communicate the ideas of singing technique and all the nuances of the voice to my students where they are at. While choosing appropriate repertoire that appeals to the students and helps to address technical deficiencies, as well as showcase their natural gifts, is of utmost importance; Attention to the body is central to how learning happens in my studio. I consciously draw the student's attention to their bodies as the vehicle through which music is communicated. I consistently steer my students toward these learning methods through critical self-reflection. Only through this self-reflection and awareness can technique be truly made habitual, reliant, and steadfast.    

It is especially important to create a highly inclusive learning environment, where students with a range of abilities and backgrounds can feel it is a safe space to explore, create, and challenge themselves. Guiding the singer to know their instrument and practice well means granting the singer opportunities to make decisions for their instrument and learning to trust themselves as an individual and as an artist, whether it be contemporary, musical theater, or classical styles. Ultimately, to sing powerfully and technically well in any genre can require incredible vulnerability, and therefore trust in the teacher as well. I believe that every student has the possibility of transforming and developing as an effective musician and storyteller.

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