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"Chloe is a fabulous teacher. She really knows her students and their voices, and every time I work with her, I get feedback and coaching that is tailored to the specific unique qualities of my voice. She has helped me to find colors and range that I didn't know I had, and every time we have a lesson, I leave feeling confident in myself as a singer and as a human. Chloe creates a safe space to work and helps me remember the joy I find in singing!"

- Student, MT/Classical (NYU)

"Throughout my college career, I switched my vocal instructor after every semester, but, because Professor Boggs has taught me so many successful drills, movements and practices, I have been able to show dramatic improvement in my singing over the last two semesters! It has been an amazing experience for me and I look forward to continue learning from her!" - International Student, Classical (NYU)

"Chloe is my first official voice instructor  and she always encourages me to find my own voice and helps me build confidence in singing. She offers me a lot of interesting and creative tips to help me find a way that works for me, making me enjoy singing and improving my skills at the same time! She pushes me past my comfort zone, but never too far. She is the best!!" - International Student, Pop/Rock (NYU)

"Patient, joyous and so easy to talk to, Chloe is a great teacher who helped me better understand my instrument. She created a welcoming, safe environment for growth and a lot of fun!"

- Student (NYU Tisch)

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